Udemy - Spanish Immersion [Free]

Udemy - Spanish Immersion 

Udemy - Spanish Immersion

  • Lectures 11
  • Length 1 hour
  • Skill Levels Beginner Level
  • Languages English
  • Published 8/2017

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Research has shown that memorizing grammar rules is not as important as we thought before. Studies show that students who study through immersion actually learn better. Learning rules is not the same as learning a language.  This course gives you exposure to authentic video in which you can hear and practice the language.  Many studies done on language retention all point to immersion being the best way to learn a language.  You will learn about practical topics by first studying related nouns, verbs and adjectives. Then you will listen to meaningful conversations.  Finally, you will study a related reading and math lesson.  The approach is fun and it allows for ample opportunities to practice your speaking and listening skills!

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