Udemy - The Website Success Formula- Manage your Website for Success [100% Off]

Udemy - The Website Success Formula- Manage your Website for Success 

Udemy - The Website Success Formula- Manage your Website for Success
$155 Free 100% Off

  • Lectures 64
  • Length 3 hours
  • Skill Levels All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Published 8/2017

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Do you manage a website? 
Do you want to save time and money and make your website successful?
So many websites fail to deliver on their promise. Website managers, like you, get frustrated and overwhelmed. Nobody is visiting, people are not signing up, they are not downloading, and worse, they are not buying!
You feel like you have wasted the investment in time and money because your website is not doing what you expected, and you don't know where to go.
You feel as though your website has no direction, it is starting to get messy and you don't know what to do next.
You have limited time and budget. You want to make the most of these and your website is not getting the results you expected.
I know this feeling. I have created and managed over 10 websites of my own, and not all of them were successful. Even with all my website experience (my website company built over 200 websites) I remember the frustration of a website that feels like a failure.  
In my business I worked with so many clients who were excited to build a new site, and were thrilled when it launched, but then, when all that work was done, they went back to their other work, and the website was neglected. And when they did do work on it, that work was random and disconnected, and didn't move the website toward success.
*** Learn to remove the frustration and make your website successful.***
So I have developed the Website Success Formula to make it easy for you to manage your website and get the results you want.
Websites for small business, websites for non-profits and websites for organisations require ongoing management after the launch. Knowing what to do and when is critical to the success of websites and so many websites fail because the website manager is overwhelmed and confused. 
The Website Success Formula, developed from over 17 years of experience building and supporting websites, will help you get the results you are looking for and the return on investment for your website.
You will learn:
  • The importance of strategy 
  • Why content is so important.
  • How to find your voice and your message.
  • How to manage your content creation process to get a constant flow of great content to keep people coming back..
  • Why the design of your site is so important.
  • What is User Experience (UX) and how can it help your website to succeed.
  • How to create a simple style guide so that your site design is not compromised.
  • Understanding technology terminology so that you can communicate with your technical people.
  • Know where to look when something goes wrong.
  • How to protect your website from hackers.
  • How to manage your website team.
  • And how to measure your success.
You will get:
  • A proven formula for managing your website
  • Templates for all the plans.
  • Ideas on how to get real results
  • Website jargon busted
  • Access to our private Facebook Group for support
  • Access to me to answer questions

Your business invested a lot of time and money in the development of the website and it is your responsibility to make sure it returns on that investment. With a limited budget and many tasks demanding your attention you need the simplest way to make your website a success. This course does exactly that. 
The Website Success Formula is a simple way to approach the management of your website to ensure that all that website development was not wasted. 
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