Udemy - Create Successful Apps Easily Without Programming [100% Off]

Udemy - Create Successful Apps Easily Without Programming 

Udemy - Create Successful Apps Easily Without Programming
$200 Free 100% Off

  • Lectures69
  • Length 3 hours
  • Skill Level All Level
  • Languages English
  • Published 11/2016

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This course was originally designed in Spanish, and more that 2000 students signed up for this course in its first 3 days! 
Over 5,000 students have already enjoyed this course!:
  • One of the most popular business courses in Spanish.
  • One of the courses with the best reviews and rating in Spanish.
  • One of the most viewed courses in Spanish.
NOW available IN ENGLISH! What do you have to lose?.
Were you aware that 1 in 5 developers is earning an average of $5,000 a month? Did you also know that it’s not necessary to know programming or graphic design in order to great successful apps?
This course is a the complete and essential guide to creating online apps and possibly begin to earn more than $5,000 a month within a new, growing market with room for thousands of entrepreneurs. Best of all it is doable and affordable for anyone no matter skill level or economic status.  
This course will fully explain, step by step and with complete transparency, how to become an entrepreneur by creating apps to sell in online apps market. We will show you how simple! We will use real examples, which in just the first quarter of 2016 had revenues of $1,800. You will be able to use these examples to generate ideas for your own success and also begin to earn money as soon as you complete the course
The developer of this course, who began to make apps, more than three years ago, had created hundred of apps and collaborated with numerous other developers. He has since made this a full-time job, and brings in revenues of over $5,000 a month.
You will be able to make a lot of money by carrying out the method described in this course if you put in the needed effort and dedication.
Why is this course different?
Other courses teach you how to contract and collaborate with other developers in order to make your apps, but in this course you will learn how you can create them yourself using easy online platforms.
To give you an idea, think about how easy it is to make your own website or blog using platforms like Wordpress or Blogger. These platforms significalty simplify the process for users to make webpages without any programming knowledge. There are platforms for creating apps that do the same, and will allow you create apps without programming or coding knowledge.
This course, and its developer, assures you will that you will begin to make money starting with you first app. You won’t have to wait, you’ll see profits right away, revenues which will also increase over time. 
Would you like to see this year transform your career and life? Would you like to be an entrepreneur?Then this is the course you’ve been looking for!
Did you know that the Apps industry holds some of the greatest money making potential in the world today? Did you know that in 2014 the global apps markets produced nearly 25 billion dollars in sales, and, that in 2016 the gains are projected to be around 58 billion dollars?
The course is aimed at anyone who wants to start increasing their income, and is interested in finding independence as far as work is concerned, through a fun, innovative form with a promising future. This can all be accomplished without knowing programming language or having good graphic design skills, and, without making any inicial investment. 
However, in all honesty, this course may not be the most suitable for those who would like to earn millions very quickly and effortlessly. The method explained in this course can earn at least $ 5,000 permonth, but you will have to put in the time and effort.
In this course you will learn:
  • Completely learn the apps markets and all its specifics.
  • Begin to make your own apps using simple online platforms.
  • Learn how to capitalize on your apps through diverse techniques specific to mobile applications. Learn which monetization techniques or combination of techniques will work best for each app.
  • Discover how to promote and market an app using day-to-day platforms and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As well as how to advertise via specific, larger platforms like Google in order to achieve a significant number of downloads.
What our students have been saying about the course:
  1. Jorge Lopez Fiallo:“Awesome! The clear ideas of this course have managed to inspire me to begin to be an entrepreneur. Honest, simple and clear. Such a pleasure! Within a few hours, I created my first app, and though I didn’t expect anything, I started making money within a few days. Not much, but at least something! Thank you very much! I hope you continue to offer more courses like this one!.
  2. Javier Mauricio Osorio: “Finally, a credible, viable, and fun business model. There are so many courses of this nature that teach you how to begin making money online from home, but really until this great course I haven’t found anything with the same transparency and truthfulness. I’ve begun to develop a few of my own applications to resell to business that wanted an app. I didn’t realize just how much this was within my reach, and that it was so “simple”(as the instructor says, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme, and it requires effort).  Still, I tip my hat to teachers and entrepreneurs who actually share their knowledge, and give others who may be a little lost as to how to begin an opportunity. I’ll finish with this: I’ll be your competition in the radio app niche haha! Thank you so much! ;)”
  3. David Martin: “5 Stars! Wowww! You can take a course that is longer, with more classes, more material, but I don’t thing you will find a clearer, more concise, or more specific course. 100% recommended. Best of all, I was surprised by how much money apps can make, and really thing only thing behind them is a computer and a developer. I looked into it myself, and it’s true, it really is a booming market. I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on apps and how to create them and it all lines up with the methods taught in this course.”
Before beginning his own apps business Carlos Hernando, the developer of this course, was an instructor for one of the largest online educational platforms, and has even started to teach this method to friends. If you have any questions or concerns, or need clarification on anything, feel free to contact him and he will personally respond. 
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