Udemy - Build React Native Apps for Android and iOS [100% Off]

Udemy - Build React Native Apps for Android and iOS 

Udemy - Build React Native Apps for Android and iOS
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  • Lectures 114
  • Length 5.5 hours
  • Skill Levels All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Published 5/2016

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React Native enables you to build iOS and Android mobile apps and benefit from code reuse cross platform. React Native is an exciting new language backed by Facebook that allows you to create a native mobile experience on Android and iOS devices through a common coding experience. Apps can be developed fast using popular free text editors and testing is fast for iOS and Android - rapid mobile development
This course teaches developers at any level to get started with React Native and start coding. You will build cross platform mobile apps for Android and iOS in React Native! 
Lifetime learning and support - React Native is new and still maturing therefore this course will continue to grow and get updates as the language evolves. With lifetime access you can tune in anytime to see new updates, get new content and ask questions to guide the creation of new content.
This course will teach you React Native, get you started in building cross platform mobile apps for iOSand Android that deliver a native experience, provide you with hands-on experience and develop your skills. Learn how to test your mobile apps in the iOS Simulator and Android Emulator quickly as you work. Learn about errors and troubleshooting your code and benefit from Q&A and instructor support. 
This course moves from getting your free tools installed and setup, to getting started, to creating your first project to more advanced topics. This course is designed to be a one stop course covering both React Native for Android and iOS. After all thats the real value of learning React Native -- to learn once, build for multiple platforms and benefit from code reuse. 
Learn React Native because time and money is important and you want to invest in learning a powerful language that you can leverage to build mobile apps for Android and iOS. Take this course to learn React Native and start building app and receive added value in support, lifetime access to new material and updates, downloadable source code, coverage of professional coding and best practices, handouts, exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge and benchmark your learning.
Udemy - Build React Native Apps for Android and iOS [100% Off] Udemy - Build React Native Apps for Android and iOS [100% Off] Reviewed by Courses Guru on 3:30:00 AM Rating: 5
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