Udemy - Marketing Psychology: How To Influence Customers To Buy Now [100% Off]

Udemy - Marketing Psychology: How To Influence Customers To Buy Now 

Udemy - Marketing Psychology: How To Influence Customers To Buy Now
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  • Lectures 34
  • Length 1 hour
  • Skill Levels All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Published 5/2017

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"If you are having a hard time selling your products online and are desperately looking for ways to sell more, become a more influential marketer and generate higher income, then this course will blow your mind!
In this course, you will master 5 Kick-Ass Psychological Secrets used by extremely successful companies and filthy rich online entrepreneurs."
I'm giving you 5 solid reasons to consider:
1. The Decoy Effect: The Economist, well-known magazine, used the decoy effect. Later test has shown that a simple tweak to the prices, customers can choose from, resulted in $3432 more revenue (cash) than with the previous pricing options.
Apple Inc constantly utilizes "decoy" prices to influence our decisions! (examples in the lectures)
2. The Rule Of Reciprocity: Why don't you put one of the basic laws of human psychology work to your advantage? If you look at the most successful social media strategies for organic likes or followers growth, you will see that behind these strategies is the rule of reciprocity. You don't believe? Follow 1000 people on Twitter and I guarantee that 5% to 25% will follow you back.
3. The Endowment Effect: Did you know that when you own something you tend to value it more highly than it is really worth? "Yeah, right... how can I put that to my advantage you say?" Increase the ownership of your prospects and they will be more willing to buy from you! You know many "open source" projects that are massively successful! (hint: Wikipedia)
4. The Framing Effect: This one is huge! The way you "frame" a question (or a statement) influences the responses you receive! Experts in Neuromarketing have proven that absolute numbers have much stronger impact on people! This is the reason why you hear advertisements say: "...9 out of 10 people would recommend our product to their friends..." , they don't say: "...90% of our customers would recommend..."
5. Social Proof Concept: You want to know what's in your prospect's mind? Here it is: "I don't care what you say. Prove it to me!Authors don't put testimonials in the beginning of their books for any other reason but to prove that their book is worth buying and reading. Bloggers don't put subscriber counters next to an opt-in box for any other reason but to prove that many people are doing (subscribing) what you have to do! (the underlying principle of social proof!)
This course is for online entrepreneursinstructorsbloggers and authors who realize what it means to spend fatiguing months on product creation and then make little or no sales. Was it all waste of time? It doesn't feel good to lose one of your most important resources - your time!
I am going to teach you how to maximize salesopt-ins and ANY other action that you want your potential customers to take.
Yes, there is! The risk is that if you don't use these principles your marketing (business) will suffer! Those psychological principles were kept secret for a long time and they are wickedly effective. Become a student of the course and if you don't see the real value, you can have your money back! YOU HAVE 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Thirty days is a good period for you to apply the concepts in the course and see some real, astonishing results on your business!
FACT - Only 4 out of 5198 students asked for a refund. This is indicative of the quality you will receive.
  • Video Lectures: Full HD 1920x1080.
  • Audio Quality: Microphone iRig Mic HD = crystal clear voice.
  • Downloadable Take Action PDF files after each principle with a special bonus inside.
  • Quizzes after each principle to check your understanding! (Show You Know!)
  • Easy to access instructor who is willing to help you out.
  • Free preview of the first lecture from "The Decoy Effect" section.
"Clearly Presented and Very Enlightening !!!
Vladimir has once again taken a topic that few people ever consider, exhaustively researched it and presented it in terms that anyone can easily understand and identify within almost every Retail Environment and Television Commercial that they encounter. As a Professional Marketing Manager, his Passion for the topic is naturally evident. His Teaching and Illustrations are Engaging, Enlightening, Upbeat and thoroughly Enjoyable. I highly recommend this course. Great Job Vladimir !!!" - Rick L. Brown
"Marketing Professionals!
You need to take this course. Vladimir is extremely knowledgeable and breaks down complex subjects into easy to understand material. You can learn more from taking a 1-hour course with Vladimir than you could in a year-long business course, it's that good. - Brent Dunn
"Kick-ass principles that are too often ignored...
Every body will benefit from Vladimir's course, for real. If you're in the game of selling products, services or even ideas, this course is the toolbox you need to become a master-convincer. Plus, Vladimir is really entertaining and the examples are nothing short but great!" - Robin Hanna
In addition, 50+ people have left similar reviews
By enrolling in my course you are gaining access to 5 ingenious marketing principles used by successful companies and individuals right now.
Each and every lesson is explained in plain English with visual illustrations and interesting design.
You will be protected when someone else is trying to influence you by using the psychological principles you will brilliantly know after you complete the course.
You will definitely take your marketing (business, sales) to the next level by influencing potential customers to take any kind of action you want. (Mostly sales and opt-ins)
Click the "TAKE THIS COURSE" button to become almost overnight many times more influential than you currently are!
I am waiting for you inside the course,
-Vladimir Raykov
Stay Purposeful
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