Udemy - C# Acceleration with Visual Studio 2017 Community [Free]

Udemy - C# Acceleration with Visual Studio 2017 Community 

Udemy - C# Acceleration with Visual Studio 2017 Community

  • Lectures 84
  • Length 4.5 hours
  • Skill Levels All Levels
  • Languages English
  • Published 4/2018

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You can enroll in this comprehensive 4.5-hour course for FREE until 15 May 2018. Take advantage of this amazing offer and bring your C# skill to the next level! Your rating and feedback will be very much appreciated. Thank you. 
C# (C Sharp) is the most popular programming language in the Microsoft Technology stack. It is a general-purpose language that can be used to write almost anything, from desktop applications, websites, web services to native mobile apps and even games. It is also a powerful, yet elegant language thanks to its well-thought-out design. On top of that, C# keeps getting new features added on a regular basis because it is backed by Microsoft. No wonder why C# is consistently among the most in-demand programming languages around the world for many years. In April 2018, it is at number 5 according to TIOBE and PYPL (websites that keep track of programming languages' popularity).
So what is the catch? Although it is an awesome language to learn and will pay the investment, the learning curve can be steep. Sure, a person with no programming experience probably can create something using C# easily (thanks to out-of-the-box templates), but it is not necessarily done right. Therefore, to help you to properly programming C#, I have distilled all the most important aspects into this course, which I have spent 600 hours to create. Obviously, I am telling you this not to brag, but to assure you about the course's quality.
What can you expect from this course?
  • This course has the right mix of theory and practice. You can find plenty of practical examples throughout the course.
  • You will find many tips and tricks that I have accumulated throughout my seven years of programming experience. You can then immediately apply that to build your own application more easily.
  • You will see how I apply professional programming's best practices to build an application.
  • I explain many important concepts in a very detailed manner to make sure you completely understand what needs to be understood.
  • The course has high-quality production, both video, and audio (you should not take this for granted ;-)).
  • I understand it can be hard to finish the course in one go because you can have other things to do. That's why I have broken the learning topics into five days (about one hour each day). I recommend you to study according to this structure. By dividing into smaller chunks, you will be more likely to complete the course!
  • It gets really fun in many places. Let's put it another way: I think this course will make you laugh!
  • Last but not least, you can always reach me at tim@codestrengthen.com for any question, feedback and even idea for my next course.

After completing this course, you will have a crystal clear understanding about essential concepts in C# and can confidently apply many techniques to create your first application professionally. If you are put off by the vast features of C# before and not sure what the best way to start is, I am 100% guarantee that it will come to an end after you finish this course.
So, invest an hour per day for five days to watch this course. I promise you will look at C# in a different light!


Udemy - C# Acceleration with Visual Studio 2017 Community [Free] Udemy - C# Acceleration with Visual Studio 2017 Community [Free] Reviewed by Courses Guru on 2:27:00 AM Rating: 5
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